Forever I will be bad at introductions, so I will keep this short and sugary.

Welcome! I am grateful you took the time to come check my writer site out. Honestly, I’m always happy to reach another individual.

The way this site is set up should be pretty straightforward. Check out the tabs running up top to see selections of my poetry available online; discover a few links to some writers I think are incredible (and highly recommend to you!); find out the latest on the upcoming magazine I’m working with as an editor, Swarm; learn something about me my poetry couldn’t tell you; and hopefully, contact me via email or follow me on Twitter, where I talk about things that may or may not be related to poetry. I’m always interested in feedback, on this site, on my work, on anything that comes to mind, so do not hesitate to get some good use out of that Contact tab (and the comment function on these posts)!

You can click the Follow button on the right of the screen to get email updates when I post new content. Please do, don’t worry about your inbox blowing up; I plan to update this site and add new posts regularly, but not more than a handful of times a month. You’re not going to be receiving a new email from me every time you check your mail, and none of these emails will mention anything about medicine sales from a certain neighboring country north of here. Sound good? I’ll put up a post here and there about publication news, upcoming events, happenings that are of interest, things like that. Stuff you’ll enjoy reading, I hope.

I am truly excited to finally have this site up and running, to be able to better stay in contact with people and give them a place to find me and my work. I’m really looking forward to it.

All best,


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