Next in a list of things I am really excited about, also ranking high in the “Didn’t-Expect-This-But-Happily-Surprised!” category: I’m going to be reading some poetry on a radio program! It’s this Thursday night from 9 to 10pm on 94.7FM, WNHN on the show “Granite State of Mind” with Rob Azevedo and Dave Cummings. So you know, if you’d like to hear my work through my own voice without having to look at my face/beard/superfluous, lidless third eye, this is the perfect situation for you!

Rob recently offered me this opportunity to perform some poetry and talk about the spoken word/slam scene in the area, and while I’m certainly no expert on slam (much of my poetic endeavors take place ‘on page,’ though the dividing line between ‘slam’ and ‘page’ is rightfully becoming less defined, less of a big deal) I am a fan of slam and have dabbled a little bit into it myself. Slam requires immediacy, poise, strong writing (of course) and a dash of performance…it’s kind of like performing a 3 minute monologue in a play, except you wrote the thing yourself. Poetic in content, theatrical in execution. Pretty fun, and I’m looking forward to the chance to talk about it and do a few “slammable” poems of my own.

I’ll be up in the second half of the program it seems, so probably somewhere near 9:30. There’s a rebroadcast on Friday at 6pm, too. The link to their shows is HERE. And I’m assuming that that “Listen Live” tab at the top means you can check it out even if you’re not close enough to Concord to get the station! And I think they’re also saved to an RSS Feed…nifty!

Tune in if you’re inclined, should be a lot of fun!

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