Months of work and months more of planning have finally culminated in…well, right now it’s just a website, but it’s a full, beautiful website that is ready to carry poems and stories by the best writers we can find. Rather, the best writers that find us. That’s right, Swarm, the online literary magazine that Peter Kispert, Dillon J. Welch, Ian Sanquist and I have been working so diligently on is finally a slightly-more-tangible reality. We really have put a lot of work in (and the first issue is prepped and near-ready for launch), so please do check out the website and keep an ear out on Facebook or Twitter for when the first issue goes live, we promise it will be a good read. Leading up to the launch we also plan to do a little profile of our first contributors, as a kind of preview. Also, see how my co-editors’ names are all highlighted above? That’s because beside working on Swarm, each of them is a terrific writer publishing great work regularly, so give them some clicking-love and check out their sites, please. (P.S. Dillon’s regularly-updated blog is actually one of the more entertaining things I’ve come across in awhile.) 

One of my poems recently found a warm, fun home over at The Bakery. I like what’s been coming out of The Bakery since it opened and I’m thrilled to be in the company of some truly fine writers over there. I also just got word that two of my poems will be appearing in the web journal A-Minor around the New Year, a little before or after it seems. Good news is good, hooray!

Taking a cue from Dillon’s “Embellish the Lawnmower” (where he gets the idea for blog/poem titles is beyond my scope of comprehension) which does a weekly segment of sharing quality writing across the web, aptly titled “Good Reads Mondays,” I want to end most of these blog posts sharing something I enjoy with you. So what better way to start doing that than with some of Dillon’s own poetry that just hit the internet today? Four poems from his set “I Fall In Love With Every Attractive Woman I Meet” are up at the terrific [PANK] online magazine. Give ’em a look! With lines like “I pray it rains sideways so we can dance like broken clippers in the street” and “We pin a young boy’s bumper car into a corner & laugh like Kansas is on fire,” how could you not?

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