I’m thrilled to present the new (and first) issue of SwarmIt’s been a lot of work (fun work, mind you) behind the scenes putting this issue together and setting up the journal, and we’re very proud of how this first issue came out.

Each editor selecting only one poem or story for publication per issue allows us to really highlight a few writers above the noise of online literary journals that seem to pop up almost every day–writers whose work bears extra attention being paid toward it. As you will see, the first four authors we’ve showcased in Swarm are exceptional talents that we want to bring to more readers, if for no other reason than the stellar quality of their work.

Of course, all four of them were great to work with, and after the process of putting this issue together we left with the impression that they are wonderful people, and that’s another reason we’d like to bring them to more readers. But always, quality is paramount, and they brought plenty of quality work to the table.

For my 1/4 of the editorial duties, I was lucky enough to work with Karen Skolfield to bring you her poem “Homunculus.” Karen is an extremely gifted writer and one of my personal favorites, so getting the chance to present her poem as part of our first issue was an absolute treat. Do check out her poem and the rest of the issue, please! (Also note, while you’re there, that our submissions are open for the next issue!) Enjoy.

Swarm: Winter 2013

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