My poem, “She Says,” is now live at the Spring 2013 issue of Sixth Finch! It’s humbling to be alongside some terrific poems by terrific writers (as Sixth Finch is in the habit of publishing said great poems and writers), as well as some stunning art. They always have some great viusal art, do take a look at those too! Really one of my favorite online journals, and it’s an honor to be part of it. Many thanks to editor Rob MacDonald and others at 6F! Link to the issue here:

In other areas of my publishing venture, I’ve had some very nice and encouraging responses that came along with rejections from West Branch, Slice Magazine, Gulf Coast, Rattle and other journals recently. It feels great to see the editors at places I admire so much see something in my work, and as I continue to write and grow I hope to find my way into their pages soon! I’ll be working towards it. Everyone has a long list of journals they want to be a part of, and a short list of them that they want to be a part of yesterday; getting some positive feedback from publications in the latter is highly motivating. I feel like good things are ahead! So long as I continue to write and read and think and edit (and edit and edit)!

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