Happy 2014, internet! At the close of last year a few of my poems that had found homes arrived in my mailbox, and I’m thrilled to see my work alongside such terrific poems and stories in two journals I adore: Hayden’s Ferry Review and The Carolina Quarterly.

I love the cover art by Olaf Hajek. Gorgeous.


Hayden’s Ferry Review 53 houses my poem “Omissions” and The Carolina Quarterly 63.2 includes “The Word Worried is the Word Straw” and “Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale.” I’ve devoured both issues and loved them, and I can’t recommend picking up these journals highly enough. Great poetry and some of my favorite fiction & nonfic as well.

Huge thanks to Sam Martone at HFR, Lee Norton at CQ, and all the editors at these magazines.

5 thoughts on “New Poems in Hayden’s Ferry Review & The Carolina Quarterly

    1. Thanks, Rachel! I do as well, I fell right into the first issue I saw of theirs. Couldn’t be happier to have some work find a home there.

      1. My pleasure; both are journals I intend to keep trying for. They’re so consistently impressive. Oh, and congrats on the Pushcart Nomination, as well! You’re doing quite well for yourself.

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