I meant to share this first piece of news right after AWP in early April but, as some of you know, the conference was so crazy I only now regained full control over my faculties.

A million thanks to Jill Allyn Rosser of New Ohio Review as well as all the staff there, for publishing my poem “Jester’s Cap” in issue 17, which came out this Spring. This poem was a blast to write, maybe the most fun I’ve had writing and revising in some time. I hope you’ll head over to the NOR site and grab a copy, or a subscription — it’s a wonderful journal and I’m so, so grateful that the folks at NOR also got something out of it, and included it in this newest issue (which is terrific, by the way — check out the poems by Betsy Sholl and Albert Goldbarth, for example).

NOR frontNOR back

Also, my poem “How to Build a Telescope,” which was featured on Booth‘s website recently, was included in their stunning (and gorgeous–seriously, look below and try not to swoon!) print issue 8. Again I am grateful to Kaveh Akbar and Rob Stapelton for treating my poem and myself so well. You can read the poem online here, but look how nice that issue looks (and the stories and poems in there are equally as stunning), so I hope you support the folks at Booth by snagging a copy, or two. Or eight.


And yes, that IS a rockin’ Booth t-shirt, which I wore to a live show of Welcome to Night Vale because it was the best combination of two awesome things I can think of:

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