So, do you know Sarah Jean Grimm? She’s a terrific writer, and an equally awesome human being-person-individual (Dillon selected and published her poem “Afterglow” in Swarm back in the Spring 2014 issue, and I got to meet her at AWP in Minneapolis recently, so I can attest personally to her greatness in both areas), and she also was kind enough to accept three of my poems for the new issue of Powder Keg, a young but fierce and beautifully-designed online journal she co-edits with the also-terrific Zoe Dzunko.


You can read my poems “Coda,” “Oases,” and “How to Sync to the Cloud” there now, as the issue launched earlier this week — there are even recordings on the site of me reading the poems, if you’re the type that likes that sort of thing. I hope you enjoy the work, and check out the rest of (and submit to, if you’re writing something that seems up their alley!) Powder Keg yourself.

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