Like the 90’s? Like poetry? Like Everclear’s “I Will Buy You a New Life” and its music video? Don’t like that but remember it with a strange combination of nostalgia and scorn and desire for a life that maybe wasn’t any more simple than now, but feels like it was in retrospect, and some part of you wishes you could go back to that time and properly appreciate the things you didn’t back then, not knowing how out-of-reach they would feel in your older years? Then do I have a poem for you!

Many, many thanks to Robert Stapleton, Chris Speckman, and all the folks at Booth for their continued support of my work; they’ve just published one more poem of mine, titled “Music Video,” as the featured work this week at the Booth site. Plus, it’ll be included in the Booth X tenth anniversary hardback (!!!) issue this Fall, so watch out for that (psst–you can subscribe to Booth now! This anniversary issue is going to be huge and worth the subscription (even though Booth is consistently one of the most enjoyable literary journals out there, so it’s always worth it.)

Hope you enjoy!



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