Are you struggling with a poem, trying to nail down its voice, or identify its deeper concerns? Maybe you’re just wondering how to tighten up the language, add image or texture?

If you’d like a practiced, careful eye on your work, please let me know! I’m excited to be joining Brooklyn Poets’ writer/mentor space, The Bridge, where I’m offering poetry critiques from one page all the way to a full manuscript.

The Bridge exists to connect budding writers with mentors who can help improve their craft, and I’d love to help you or anyone you know revise and improve any kind of poetry.

To request a critique, reach out to me on The Bridge—it’s super easy! First, make a quick account on the site, and then search for yours truly (if you’re signed in already, clicking here should bring you to me!) and select “Get Critiqued” on the right-hand side of my profile. From there it’s self-explanatory—simple as that!

I’m looking forward to reading your work!



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