Yes, I have that Beatles song stuck in my head, and now you do too.

I am giddy to have two poems in the latest issue of the storied literary journal Blackbirdissue 17.2 to be exact—two poems that are central to the themes of my book, Disappearing, Inc., coming out in March. Hope you’ll check out “Nothing But” (which incorporates bits of, and is titled after, the Talking Heads’ song “[Nothing But] Flowers”—see the italicized portions!) and “Planet Nine” along with the whole issue chock full of goodness—Kaveh Akbar! Sara Eliza Johnson! Larry Levis! Ellen Bryant Voigt!—and, if you like those poems, consider preordering the book from Gold Wake to see how they fit into the whole.

Thanks to Brandie Gray, Gregory Donovan, and all of the Blackbird staff for their support of these poems. And thanks, as always, to you for reading!


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