Some of the preorders of Disappearing, Inc. have already arrived, a little early of the March 12th launch date—hooray! If you have received your copy and enjoyed it (as I hope you will!), it would mean SO much if you would leave a review on Goodreads and/or Amazon.

I can’t overstate how significant reviews and ratings are for small press books like this one—even if it’s just leaving a star rating, or a single sentence in the review box goes a long, long way toward helping this book stand out and find new readers. I spent a long time crafting a group of poems that would have something to say, not to just poets, but any readers who were open to their energy and surprise—nothing would make me happier than to have this book find readers outside of the usual social circles. Reviews and search rankings make that possible.

DisInc front cover

If you haven’t preordered yet, there’s still time—you can preorder the book directly from the Gold Wake Press website, from Powell’s, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble. Links to all of these places below.

You can also be an absolute hero and ask your local bookstore and/or library to carry it!

And even if it’s months or years from now, if you do eventually get the book and enjoy it, please do rate and review over at Goodreads and Amazon! Takes only a minute and makes a huge impact.

Thanks for listening and for reading. Without the poetry community I wouldn’t have most of what I have right now in my life, and I’m excited to have this book to show for my work over the past many years. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and any support you have already shown or will show is deeply and honestly appreciated.

Direct from Gold Wake Press:
Barnes and Noble:…/disappearin…/1129597317

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