A poem up on today’s Verse Daily!

It was a nice surprise to discover that my poem, "An Answer," from Disappearing, Inc. and originally featured in The Adroit Journal, is the poem of the day over at online anthology Verse Daily! Check it out here, along with their archives full of (literal) years of amazing work.

Join me in Italy for poetry!

Thinking of taking a vacation or a retreat to focus on poetry? Might I suggest you do so in the Italian countryside town of Recanati with myself and a number of other talented poets? This July 19-25, I'll be teaching the poetry workshop at the annual Leopardi Writing Conference, taking place in Recanati, a gorgeous … Continue reading Join me in Italy for poetry!

Interview at Kenyon Review’s Poetry Today

Check out this (semi-self-) interview in the first edition of Kenyon Review's new column, "Poetry Today," alongside the amazing poet Xandria Phillips. Thank you immensely to Ruben Quesada for giving me prompts to think about and a place to discuss everything from digital mediums, vigilance in our language, escape, and humor as a means of … Continue reading Interview at Kenyon Review’s Poetry Today