Sestina (technically!) in Copper Nickel

Hi, all—I have a big announcement to share on Wednesday, so make sure to come back that afternoon to see what that's all about! In the meantime, this weekend's mail was exciting—I received my contributor copies of Copper Nickel 28, which include my form-irreverent sestina (teaser: all end words are the same word, which was … Continue reading Sestina (technically!) in Copper Nickel

Two new poems in Blackbird

Yes, I have that Beatles song stuck in my head, and now you do too. I am giddy to have two poems in the latest issue of the storied literary journal Blackbird—issue 17.2 to be exact—two poems that are central to the themes of my book, Disappearing, Inc., coming out in March. Hope you'll check out "Nothing … Continue reading Two new poems in Blackbird

New poem: “Customer Loyalty Program” at Kenyon Review

It's not an exaggeration to say I’m still a little beside myself to see my name and poem in an issue of the Kenyon Review, which has long been a “bucket list” journal for me. The new issue just dropped, and I’m so happy to have a poem, "Customer Loyalty Program," appear alongside Eloisa Amezcua, … Continue reading New poem: “Customer Loyalty Program” at Kenyon Review