Light of the Interpersonal: A Review of Sophie Klahr’s Meet Me Here At Dawn

Lest the New Year roll around without me getting around to reviewing a poet’s book, late in 2017 AGNI published my deep-dive into Sophie Klahr’s debut book of poetry, MEET ME HERE AT DAWN, published by YesYes Books. I hope you’ll check it out and if the book sounds interesting to you (it certainly was for me!), maybe look into picking up a copy or having your local library order the book for their collection.

On the AGNI homepage, the editors preface the review with the following quick write-up: “Taking up the public role of the reviewer—that of guide, interpreter, and evaluator—Brandon Amico also responds to Sophie Klahr’s Meet Me Here At Dawn with the heat of a private reading passion. We feel him taking in the work from all sides, looking to account for the many aspects of this poet’s distinctive practice.”

Many thanks to Sven Birkerts and William Pierce for giving the review a home at one of my favorite journals, and to Meagan Reilly for her careful eye and attention as we brought this thing home.



Recipient of an NC Arts Council Grant!

I’m so very humbled to share that I’ve been awarded a Regional Artist Project Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council for the 2017-18 grant season!

Grateful to the NCAC, to Avery County, as well as the grant board comprised of the regional councils (Asheville Area Arts Council, Toe River Arts Council, and the Madison County Arts Council) for their generosity and support. It means more than I can put into words (which is ironic for a poet, I suppose) to know that folks like these believe in me and my work.

Read up on the council, the grants, and ways you can help further their mission here!