Poem in the Final Issue of inter|rupture

I’m so grateful to have a new poem, “Net Worth,” in the final issue of inter|rupture, along with some terrific company in the form of Mary Biddinger, Kristin Bock, Sophie Klahr, Zach Green, Charlotte Seley, Sean Shearer, Christopher Citro, and many others.


I first had a poem in the February 2015 issue of the journal–three years ago!–titled “Host Mask,” and I was thrilled to have such a great home for one of the first poems I wrote to use the two-three-two line syncopating stanza structure that I first saw Yusef Komunyakaa use and have occasionally returned to a number of times myself. And for a time before then, I appreciated the journal solely as a reader–inter|rupture has long been a place that took risks and brought bold writing from new and established voices alike, and they will be missed but far from forgotten.

Here’s one of my favorites on the site: “So What If I Am Floating Here / So Dangerously Without My Space Helmet” by my friend Dillon J. Welch. Happens to also be maybe my favorite poem of his, which made it appearing in such a lovely journal an exceptional treat.

Many thanks to the editors at inter|rupture, Curtis, Elizabeth, and Anna, for their work in making such a great journal for us to enjoy over the years.

This last issue is packed with great poems–do go check them out!


“Hi” nominated for Best of the Net 2017

Thank you thank you to Flock and its editors (Grant Kittrell, April Gray Wilder, and Elise Burke) for believing in me and my poetry and supporting it and me; they’ve nominated my poem, “Hi,” which appeared online and in Flock print issue 18! They’re lovely folks and this is so greatly appreciated.

You can read (and hear!) the poem plus a lot more great stuff from Flock here!


Two poems in the inaugural issue of Gold Wake Live

I’m thrilled to have two poems from a new project published in the very first issue of Gold Wake Live, the journal offshoot of the terrific book publisher Gold Wake Press.

The poems are titled “Push” and “Crowdfunded Poem,” and rub elbows with poems by some folks quite dear to me, including Hannah Stephenson, Amorak Huey, and Mary Biddinger, as well as some poets that are new to me but provided some truly wonderful work to set the tone for this new venture–poets I’ll be returning to, for sure.


Hope you enjoy the poems! If you’re a poet yourself, GWL is reading year-round, so send them some of your own work!