Waxwing T-Rex Mask
The Shallow Ends 
A Quiver Of
Hi, Things I Hate (print issue 18; Hi featured online, with audio)
Hello Again
Music Video (online and in print issue Booth X)
Nightjar Review
Hyperbole Mask


Southern Humanities Review — Epithalamium (winner of Hoepfner Literary Award for poetry; online and in print issue 50.1&2)
The Collapsar —  Poem with an Unhinged Jaw, The Elocutioner’s Son
The Awl— “A New Gun Folds Up to Look Just Like a Smartphone”
The Adroit Journal — Beekeeper’s Veil, How to Be on Fire
The Carolina Quarterly — What’s Your Sign?, Carnival Mask, View from the Everything (Print issue 65.2, Winter 2016)
Booth — Scarecrow Museum


The Rumpus Review of Solmaz Sharif’s Look
Southern Humanities Review —
Review of Albert Goldbarth’s Selfish


The Cincinnati Review — Onion, Book of Distances (Print issue 12.1)
New Ohio Review 
Jester’s Cap (Print issue 17)
Tahoma Literary Review — The Elocutioner’s Mask (Issue 2.2 online and in print)
— Sun Mask, Moon Mask (Print issue 16)
Ampersand Review — Self-Portrait with Multiple Frames
Booth How to Build a Telescope
Powder Keg —
Coda, Oases, & How to Sync to the Cloud
Host Mask
Tinderbox Poetry Journal
 — Wherein a Trip to Western New Hampshire Predicts the Outcome of Our Relationship


Los Angeles Review — Review of Ada Limón’s Bright Dead Things
Review of Emilia Phillips’s Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alike
Mid-American Review
Review of Michael Bazzett’s You Must Remember This (Print issue 35.2, Spring 2015)


Phoebe — Oak Mask
Verse Daily —
 Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale
Day One — Learned Mask (Digital issue 2.8)
The Baltimore Review  Self-Portrait with Oncoming Storm
Tupelo Quarterly
Cartridge Lit — Eve of the Carnival, Gunpowder Mask
Hunger Mountain
Plagues of Coming Home, The Pope Does Not Reply to My Tweets (Print issue 18, Winter 2013/2014)


32 Poems  Review of Rebecca Hazelton’s Vow
Rattle — Microreview of Victoria Chang’s The Boss
Review of Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals


Hayden’s Ferry Review —  Omissions (Print issue 53, Fall/Winter 2013)
The Carolina Quarterly 
 The Word Worried is the Word Straw, Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale (Print issue 63.2, Fall 2013)
B O D Y — When the Snake is Dead, Postcards from Hell
 Finch — She Says
Pear Noir!  —  On Animals;  Ocean, Okay, Okay (PN!#9)
Heavy Feather Review  —  Malice at the Palace, 21st Century: A Retrospective, Feathers (Volume 2, Issue 1)
A-Minor — Desert (ix), Chandelier Light


Mojo — Thereafter (also included in Mikrokosmos No. 59 – 2013)
The Bakery — Pumpkin Spice Latte
Thrush Poetry Journal  —  Greek Language Lost, Two Generations Ago
The Baltimore Review  —  Hokku (100-word challenge, based on art by Rusty Kjarvik)
Muzzle Magazine  —  De Toros


elimae  —  Shadow Puppets (archived here)
Amethyst Arsenic  —  My iPod Has Some Questions
Word Riot  —  Potosí