Poem in Mikrokosmos 59

My poem "Thereafter," which first appeared in the online journal Mojo, was selected by Wichita State University to be included in their annual print journal as well. The long-running (over 50 years!) is called Mikrokosmos (how great a name is that, right?!). Very excited and grateful  to eds. Jay McMahan and Joey Lemon, and both Mikrokosmos and Mojo … Continue reading Poem in Mikrokosmos 59

Menorahs, MOJO, and Ms. Poehler

First off, a Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating it! May your holiday be filled with happiness, family and friends, food…y’know, all that good stuff. Did you know that if you search “Hanukkah” or “Menorah” on Google, it will put a little decoration at the top of the search? Fancy. My own celebrated holiday may not … Continue reading Menorahs, MOJO, and Ms. Poehler