Launch day: Disappearing, Inc.

Today, my first book, Disappearing, Inc., is officially published. It's a book I wrote on lunch breaks and in traffic jams, in airport lounges and doctors’ waiting rooms, anywhere I had a moment to myself and my phone handy, a place to get down the phrases and images that kept recurring in my head, filling … Continue reading Launch day: Disappearing, Inc.

Two new poems in Blackbird

Yes, I have that Beatles song stuck in my head, and now you do too. I am giddy to have two poems in the latest issue of the storied literary journal Blackbird—issue 17.2 to be exact—two poems that are central to the themes of my book, Disappearing, Inc., coming out in March. Hope you'll check out "Nothing … Continue reading Two new poems in Blackbird

Three poems published at Superstition Review

I'll probably never stop writing about the existential yearning for completion, to fill the perpetual hole in our psyches, but for now at least I'm also writing fraction jokes and clickbait algorithms into the same poems, so check these three out in the newest issue of Superstition Review, yeah? (Many thanks to Patricia Colleen Murphy and the … Continue reading Three poems published at Superstition Review