Poem & audio published at Flock: “Hi”

For National Poetry Month, Flock invited me to read a poem of mine ("Hi") for their next issue as an audio feature. You can hear and read it now—this is a poem that went through endless permutations but I always felt very close to, and I'm so grateful to the folks at Flock (Grant Kittrell, … Continue reading Poem & audio published at Flock: “Hi”

Poem in Birdfeast

One of my favorite independent online journals, Birdfeast, which always publishes stellar work alongside crisp, clean designs and art, has resurfaced from a short hiatus and editor Jessica Poli was kind enough to include a poem of mine, "Hello Again," in the new issue--lucky number 13! It's about clickbait and violence and the human imagination's tendencies … Continue reading Poem in Birdfeast