Poem Up at Verse Daily

Surprised, in the best way, when I discovered last week that my poem, "Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale," which originally appeared in the Carolina Quarterly, was published over at Verse Daily as their pick for Friday. Hope you enjoy, and thanks to both Verse Daily and Carolina Quarterly for their support!

NewPages <3s me back

Many thanks to NewPages for showing my poems a little love in some recent reviews. It was a wonderful surprise to find these! Mary Florio said some nice things about my work in The Carolina Quarterly, and Rachel Schienke was kind to my poem "The Pope Does Not Reply to My Tweets" in the recent Hunger … Continue reading NewPages <3s me back

New Poems in Hayden’s Ferry Review & The Carolina Quarterly

Happy 2014, internet! At the close of last year a few of my poems that had found homes arrived in my mailbox, and I'm thrilled to see my work alongside such terrific poems and stories in two journals I adore: Hayden's Ferry Review and The Carolina Quarterly. Hayden's Ferry Review 53 houses my poem "Omissions" … Continue reading New Poems in Hayden’s Ferry Review & The Carolina Quarterly