Interview at Superstition Review’s blog

I was interviewed by my musician and teacher friend, Kylie Brown, for Superstition Review’s Authors Talk series about my trio of poems in the journal’s newest issue! This conversation was a blast; it was fun to hear Kylie’s take on these poems and together unpack them, discussing completeness (and incompleteness), the inherent limits of language, and a lot more. Hope you’ll check it out here.


Reading/Interview on Word Play radio in Asheville

Many thanks to Lockie Hunter and Jeff Davis who brought me on 103.3 Asheville FM’s Word Play radio program to read some poetry, talk about my work, process, influences, reviews, and more. There’s a recording here, if you’re interested (note: the prior hour’s show starts this recording; our opening music starts at 1:30 in, and we get going after that song).