Poetry Northwest Constant Volta (Issue XVII.2, Winter/Spring 2023)


Poetry Northwest: Cannot Survive the Wonders
Cave WallThe Pleasure of Long Sentences (Issue #17, Spring/Summer 2022)
Subnivean Five poems in Issue 6‘s audio section: River; Dream House; I Will No Longer Write About the Sun; Unsinkable; and Appointment Confirmation for Brandon, Brandon, and Brandon


32 Poems: Elegies, Organizing, and Digital Afterlives (Contributor’s Marginalia: responding to Jared Harél’s “Elegy for Recycled Encyclopedias”)


The AccountDemocracy Minus Democracy
Forks of Ivy, 3/4 Mile, Osteoma, and Anyway, Here’s Wonderwall* (*included in Entropy Magazine’s Best of 2020-2021 Poems list)
North American Review
— The Recurring Tale of Rocky Raccoon (Summer 2021 issue, Vol. 306.2)
The Rupture —
Glass Pipes
Sixth Finch —
What to call this ruin
32 Poems —
Sunflower, Login (print issue 19.1)
$ —
Notes on the Poem*, Point Six Six Repeating, and TRYING TO DESTROY THE KITCHEN WINDOW WITH A JEWEL-ENCRUSTED EGG IS FUTILE. (*was nominated for Best of the Net)
Some Organisms Can Survive the Vacuum and Radiation of Outer Space, and The Gravity Between Two Objects is Proportional to Their Masses and Inversely Proportional to the Distance Between Them


One Poem at a Time (via Amorak Huey) — Brandon Amico on “A New Gun Folds Up to Look Just Like a Smartphone”


Best American Poetry 2020 — Customer Loyalty Program
The Rumpus Lucky Number 13, “If You See Something, Say Something”


Best American Poetry blog —  A New Gun Folds Up to Look Just Like a Smartphone (originally appeared in The Awl)
Copper Nickel
Sestina for the Heartland (print issue 28, Spring 2019)
Jellyfish Magazine
No Romance
Miracle Monocle
I Wish Every Day Were Black Friday, Growing Gold
New South — 
Net Neutral, Poem with a Soundtrack of Locusts (print issue Vol. 12 No. 1, Spring 2019)
Forklift, Ohio —
Joy (print issue 37, Spring 2019)
Yes Poetry 
—  Ode to the Charging Cable
Luna Luna Magazine —  
Rounding Error
Talking BookPreview of Disappearing, Inc. with three poems: A New Gun Folds Up to Look Just Like a Smartphone*, Disfluency, & The Fear (*first published in The Awl)


Kenyon Review — Poetry Today No. 1: Silence and Technology (Xandria Phillips and Brandon Amico)
The Adroit Journal —  
Conversations with Contributors: Brandon Amico
Luna Luna Magazine —  
Brandon Amico on Why He Doesn’t Want to Be Unreachable

Rob Mclennan’s 12 or 20 questions series —  12 or 20 Questions with Brandon Amico


Kenyon Review —  Customer Loyalty Program (print issue Vol. XL No. 6)
Blackbird —  Nothing But, Planet Nine (Italics in Nothing But are borrowed from the Talking Heads’ song “[Nothing But] Flowers”)
Academy of American Poets/Poets.org —  
Customer Loyalty Program (originally published in Kenyon Review)
Diode — 
A Question, On Creative License (Italics in first line of “A Question” is from Pablo Neruda’s Book of Questions)
Last Exit— 
The First Technology
Zone 3
Audit (print issue 33 Vol. 1, Spring 2018)
Superstition Review —  
If You Like This Poem, Occupational Hazard, Housing Complex
Fugue —  
Definite Article
inter|rupture —  
Net Worth


Gold Wake Live — Push, Crowdfunded Poem
Waxwing —
 T-Rex Mask
The Shallow Ends — A Quiver Of
Flock — 
Hi, Things I Hate (print issue 18; Hi featured online, with audio)
Birdfeast —
Hello Again
Booth — 
Music Video(online and in print issue Booth X)
Nightjar Review —
Hyperbole Mask


AGNI — Review of Sophie Klahr’s Meet Me Here at Dawn


Southern Humanities Review — Epithalamium (winner of Hoepfner Literary Award for poetry; online and in print issue 50.1&2)
The Collapsar —  Poem with an Unhinged Jaw, The Elocutioner’s Son
The Awl— 
“A New Gun Folds Up to Look Just Like a Smartphone”
The Adroit Journal 
— Beekeeper’s Veil, How to Be on Fire
The Carolina Quarterly — What’s Your Sign?, Carnival Mask, View from the Everything (Print issue 65.2, Winter 2016)
Booth — Scarecrow Museum


The Rumpus Review of Solmaz Sharif’s Look
Southern Humanities Review —
Review of Albert Goldbarth’s Selfish


The Cincinnati Review — Onion, Book of Distances (Print issue 12.1)
New Ohio Review —
Jester’s Cap (Print issue 17)
Tahoma Literary Review — The Elocutioner’s Mask (Issue 2.2 online and in print)
— Sun Mask, Moon Mask (Print issue 16)
Ampersand Review — Self-Portrait with Multiple Frames
How to Build a Telescope
Powder Keg —
Coda, Oases, & How to Sync to the Cloud
inter|rupture — 
Host Mask
Tinderbox Poetry Journal
 — Wherein a Trip to Western New Hampshire Predicts the Outcome of Our Relationship


Los Angeles Review — Review of Ada Limón’s Bright Dead Things
Review of Emilia Phillips’s Beneath the Ice Fish Like Souls Look Alike
Mid-American Review
 — Review of Michael Bazzett’s You Must Remember This (Print issue 35.2, Spring 2015)


Phoebe — Oak Mask
Verse Daily —
Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale
Day One — Learned Mask (Digital issue 2.8)
The Baltimore Review — Self-Portrait with Oncoming Storm
Tupelo Quarterly — 
Cartridge Lit — Eve of the Carnival, Gunpowder Mask
Hunger Mountain—
Plagues of Coming Home, The Pope Does Not Reply to My Tweets (Print issue 18, Winter 2013/2014)


32 Poems — Review of Rebecca Hazelton’s Vow
 Review of Patricia Lockwood’s Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals


Hayden’s Ferry Review —  Omissions (Print issue 53, Fall/Winter 2013)
The Carolina Quarterly —
 The Word Worried is the Word Straw, Poem Beginning with a Line from Eugenio Montale (Print issue 63.2, Fall 2013)
B O D Y — When the Snake is Dead, Postcards from Hell
 Finch — She Says
Pear Noir!  —  On Animals;  Ocean, Okay, Okay (PN!#9)
Heavy Feather Review  —  Malice at the Palace, 21st Century: A Retrospective, Feathers (Volume 2, Issue 1)
A-Minor — Desert (ix), Chandelier Light


Mojo — Thereafter (also included in Mikrokosmos No. 59 – 2013)
The Bakery — Pumpkin Spice Latte
Thrush Poetry Journal  —  Greek Language Lost, Two Generations Ago
The Baltimore Review  —  Hokku (100-word challenge, based on art by Rusty Kjarvik)
Muzzle Magazine  —  De Toros