A delightful surprise this morning was discovering that Coldfront chose my poem “Oak Mask” for it’s daily poem segment, “This Morning,” right near some poets like Philip Levine and Jericho Brown (!!!). A real thrill–thank you to the Coldfront eds. and everyone at Phoebe, who originally published the poem.

Also cool was that my thoughts on Rattle Poetry Prize finalist Sarah Pemberton Strong’s poem, “A Story,” appeared in the roundup announcing the reader’s choice prize results…effectively blurbing the (amazing!) poem. Which is cool. I really enjoy the RPP, since it’s the only award for poetry that I know of decided by a reader vote. Rattle‘s long been a favorite journal of mine, and the way they do things (like this) tends to be different than the norm and is often very refreshing.

Finally, I can be found at Swarm online as an editor, and you should pop over to the site to check out the new issue that launched today, our first of 2015!

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