More poetry! Less blogs

Hi all! I've not been publishing new blog posts for awhile, and plan to continue that, but this website will still be active and up to date with my newest work; just no more blogs for the foreseeable future. I also have a trio of new poems that went live at $ if you want … Continue reading More poetry! Less blogs

“Definite Article”: New poem in Fugue

I'm excited to have a poem, "Definite Article," included in the new issue of Fugue Literary Journal, along with some real wonderful work (check out Meg Freitag's two poems, especially that sprawling and hearbreaking "Red Milk"). Thank you thank you to Cameron Read McGill and Corey Oglesby for including this strange poem in a beautiful issue.

Nice words about “Hello Again” up at Wildness/Platypus Press

Hannah Cohen said some amazing things at Platypus Press's Wildness about my latest poem in Birdfeast, "Hello Again." It's super generous and kind. As a writer, all you want is for someone to read your work closely and carefully like this, and to think about it. Also, the phrase "the disconnect and viscera of history" from Hannah's write-up … Continue reading Nice words about “Hello Again” up at Wildness/Platypus Press