I’m beside myself with gratitude to Stephanie Trott and Addey Vaters, who recently wrote and published reviews of Disappearing, Inc. in Southern Humanities Review and The Adroit Journal, respectively. Here’s a quick excerpt from each, with a link to the full review!

“[Amico] brings authentic and contemporary language to an ongoing yet timeless question: how does one generation survive—forget thrive—when it must wade through the damage done at the hands of the generation which preceded it? … These poems represent a moment in time, and, much like a photograph of another camera’s flash, they capture an era that is at once both instantaneous and everlasting.” —Southern Humanities Review

“Amico is providing a space in our mass consciousness to talk about the absurdity of life. Both massively appealing and relatable.” —The Adroit Journal

Also extraordinarily high on my gratitude list is Cammie Finch, who interviewed me for the Adroit Journal about the book and, equally as important, the context surrounding the book that found its way into the pages. We discuss obsession and how it enters the poem, writing in an era of rampant climate change and amid the omnipresent specter of social media and the crush of content bombarding our senses, the commodification of our selves in a consumerist moment…and lots of fun stuff too, I promise! Hope you’ll check it out here.

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